Book of Mormon Commentary Hardback Set

• September 1, 2013
Book of Mormon Commentary

Book of Mormon Commentary

This is the full six volume Book of Mormon Commentary set of the Monte S. Nyman, Book of Mormon Commentary. It covers every book in the complete Book of Mormon, chapter by chapter and verse by verse. The Book of Mormon Commentary contains the Book of Mormon within it’s pages, so it is not necessary to have multiple books open simultaneously.

This Book of Mormon Commentary series has received acclaim from renowned Book of Mormon scholars and professors.

This series is ideal for both beginners as well as individuals that have a solid understanding of the Book of Mormon. It is a solid Book of Mormon Study Guide and will help solidify the concepts and precepts that are taught by the Book of Mormon as well as deeper principles that are not as readily or clearly apparent.

A perfect addition to any LDS library, particularly for anyone that is teaching from the Book of Mormon. The cross references and quotes from Prophets and Apostles as they reference lessons and scriptures from the Book of Mormon are invaluable.

Suggested Retail on these books are $29.95 for book one and $24.95 for volumes 2-6 for a total of $154.70.

We are selling these brand new sets at discount of $129.97, which is a savings of more than $24.00.

The following is an 11 minute conversation with the late author Monte S. Nyman about his six volume set of the Book of Mormon Commentary.

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