About Monte S. Nyman

Monte S. Nyman

Book of Mormon Commentary is a website designed for the promotion and sale of books authored by the late Monte S. Nyman. This site is primarily designed to sell both the entire six volume set of the Book of Mormon Commentary in addition to individual books that make up the six volume set.

Monte S. Nyman passed away Sept 30, 2011. However, he has left a tremendous legacy of his decades of work and study of the Book of Mormon. Monte Nyman has authored numerous books about the book of Mormon which include his six volume Book of Mormon Commentary, The Most Correct Book, and 28 Truths taught by the Book of Mormon.

Monte Nyman has taught Book of Mormon at Brigham Young University for more than 30 years and has been a speaker for the “Know your religion” lecture series. In addition, he has taught numerous semesters of “Study Abroad” at the Jerusalem Center in Israel, as well as, Nauvoo, IL and Southern Virginia University. Dr. Nyman has also been a travel guide for the BYU Travel organization throughout the Middle East and South America.